Warranty periods, on all sales, vary depending on the item. Please consult your salesperson regarding the length of warranty for each sale. All warranty periods, from Lake Country Avionics, are effective from date of invoice. Lake Country Avionics will not be responsible for any costs facilitating warranty, this includes, but is not limited to, cost of removal/installation, freight, customs, duties, taxes, labor cost, aircraft downtime, or loss of revenue. In the event “no fault” is found with a warranty claim, the customer will be responsible for all applicable freight and evaluation charges. Lake Country Avionics will not honor warranty consideration for items that have been subject to customer induced damage, this may include, but is not limited to, misuse, improper handling, improper installation or improper packaging. If Lake Country Avionics warranty seals, and/or OEM/repair shop warranty seals, are tampered with or broken, all implied and expressed warranty from Lake Country Avionics is null and void without exception. Furthermore, warranty repair work performed outside the scope of Lake Country Avionics, without expressed written permission, will not be covered. By shipment of a unit sent to Lake Country Avionics for warranty consideration, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions of this Warranty Policy.


Request for return for credit, must be preauthorized by Lake Country Avionics, prior to receipt at our facility. No return will be processed, received, or considered without prior authorization by Lake Country Avionics. The return window, for all returns, is 30 Days from date of invoice. Returns for credit must be received at our facility, within 30 Days or will be ineligible for return, even if prior approval was given. All returns, must be received in the exact condition as originally shipped and accompanied with all original documents. All approved returns may be subject to a restocking fee up to 50% of the purchase price and/or recertification fees if necessary. All approved returns, must be packaged properly and returned via Standard shipping methods. Non-warranty related returns for credit, paid via credit card, may be subject to a 5% fee. If any part of this return policy is not understood or not in accordance with customer expectations, please contact Lake Country Avionics.